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We help business owners and small nonprofits build great businesses and reach their goals for growth, cash flow, and profits.

We empower business owners to grow through our advisory services, growth accelerator programs, mentoring, and coaching. We are nonprofit advisors that understand that mission and finance are both important for sustainability."

Core Services:

Strategic Advisory Services
Customer Interaction Analysis & KPI Selection
Business Process Improvement
8-Week Growth Accelerator Program
Monthly CFO Coaching Calls
Tax & Accounting Compliance Services
Controller Services
Nonprofit Controller and Tax Services

Core Competencies

Helping owners understand/explore impact of business process improvement, profit and growth
Helping owners reach targeted goals and with strategic business plan
Making complex subjects easy to understand
Help owners look at business in more innovative ways
Problem-solvers. We help with risk assessment and evaluation of problems and solutions.

Core Values, Beliefs and Culture

Respect, integrity, patience, and a sense of humor
Empathy, clarity, simplicity
Problem-solving and innovation
Culture of continuous learning and teaching

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