Multistate Tax Compliance

Business State & Local Tax Planning
State & city taxes have become increasingly more important & costly for businesses, sometimes even exceeding the federal tax burden.  It is essential to minimize state and city taxes by considering appropriate tax planning strategies.
Business State & Local Audits
Multistate companies are experiencing greater numbers of audits by sophisticated auditors.  Our goal is to help your business stay compliant with tax laws and minimize your exposure to back taxes, penalties and interest. Many issues fall into uncertain gray areas  or are subject to different intrepretations by different tax jurisdictions. 
Personal Income Tax Residency Analysis
Most taxpayers are unaware of the complexity of state residency rules and how they are applied. It is not uncommon for a taxpayer to be subject to a residency audit because they maintain a small Pied- a-Terre in one state where they work while living in another state.  A taxpayer may move, believing they have changed their domicile only to find that their former state still considers them a resident because they maintained some connections with that state.
Prevent Unexpected and Costly State Tax Problems
We can perform a diagnostic review of your multistate business practices or your personal residency status to protect you from unforeseen and costly state & local taxes.  We also work with state & local tax specialists on your behalf if we believe the complexity of your situation warrants it. 

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